Terms and Conditions

Same Day Report Guarantee

  • The inspection report is guaranteed to be available for viewing by 11:59pm on the same day that the home inspection took place or we will refund $50 of the inspection fee.  Guarantee and refund are not applicable under the following conditions:
    • Purchase of the property is cancelled prior to the report delivery.
    • Inspector cannot start the inspection prior to 2pm.
    • Home is larger than 6,000 sq. ft. or older than 60 years requiring additional reporting time.
    • Multiple structures are included in the inspection.
    • The home was not fully ready for inspection or a portion of the home could not be inspected during the visit.
    • The home inspection was not fully completed for any reason.
    • Arrangements are communicated between the inspector and the client/agent regarding a delayed report delivery.  Factors that could delay report delivery are as follows, but not limited to:
      • Very old, large, or complex home requiring extensive reporting time.
      • Additional research is needed regarding conditions in the home.
      • Extreme weather conditions, power outages, software failures, factors outside of the inspector's control, etc.
      • Email delivery issues on the recipient’s side.
      • Pre-scheduled inspector personal appointments.
    • This guarantee only includes the general home inspection.  Ancillary services such as, mold sampling, radon testing, stucco inspection, and WDO inspection, etc., are not included.

Same Day or Next Day Inspection Guarantee

  • If you schedule by noon and if you need a same day or next day inspection that we cannot accommodate, you will get $50 off your inspection fee.
  • Includes general home inspections for home buyers only.
  • Not available if specific inspectors or certifications are requested.
  • Not available on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Not available during weeks that contain a holiday.
  • Not available for homes over 6,000 sq. ft. or homes that are older than 60 years.
  • Not available for complex homes, multiple structure properties, or inspections requiring code compliance.
  • Inspection must be able to be completed at 9am or 1pm time slots. 
  • Inspection must be scheduled by 12pm (time zone for the inspection location).

200% Guarantee

  • This is a guarantee of satisfaction with the home inspector and home inspection process only.  This is not a guarantee of satisfaction with the quality or condition of the home itself or other services around the inspection.
  • Client must attend at least 1 hour of the home inspection.
  • Our office must be notified of the dissatisfaction prior to the inspection report being delivered to the client and/or agent. 
  • Only applies to buyer inspections on single family homes under contract with a licensed buyer side real estate agent.  Guarantee does not include other inspection types or ancillary services.
  • Offer does not apply if the contract on the home is terminated prior to the home inspection report delivery or if the home inspection could not be fully completed for any reason.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the inspection process, we will refund your inspection fee upon signing of release documentation.  We will also send another one of our certified home inspectors to inspect the home again at no charge.
    • New inspection must be completed within 5 days of original inspection and must be at the same address.
    • Does not apply if buyer is not buying the home.
    • Only includes a new general home inspection, this does not include new ancillary inspections.
    • Credit card and other service fees are not included in refund.


  • There are instances in which we cannot utilize a drone:

    • Rain, storm, or high wind conditions.

    • Heavy tree or power line coverage.

    • Federal no fly zones.

    • At any time the inspector feels that it is unsafe or unnecessary to utilize a drone.

    • NOTE:  If the drone cannot be used during the inspection due to the above conditions, the inspector will not return to the home free of charge. There will be a $125 fee to revisit the home when conditions are favorable for drone flight, upon request. 

Thermal Camera

  • Limitations of a thermal camera:

    • A thermal camera does not see through walls.  The camera detects temperature differential which will alert the inspector to a problem such as a leak.  If no temperature differential exists, the camera will not detect an issue.

    • The camera will not be used to scan every portion of the home and we are not doing an energy efficiency evaluation on the home.  The camera is only a tool that the inspector may or may not use in order to assist in the inspection or verify findings.  The camera is utilized at the discretion of the inspector. 

Inspect Now, Pay Later

  • Pay the total fee for the inspection and the related inspection report(s) as a part of your closing costs.
    • Your total inspection fee (including any add-ons) will be added to your escrow account as part of closing costs.
    • If the closing does not occur for any reason within 60 days after the date of the inspection, your credit card will be charged as a backup payment method.
    • The above is not a complete list of terms and conditions. See complete terms and conditions within the Inspect Now, Pay Later agreement provided at time of Payment Method Authorization.